Last week, Melbourne’s La Sirène released the third beer to join their core canned range: Season Ale (4%). This beer will sit alongside their awesome Urban Pale and Citray Sour, both of which have become my go-to-beers, when I want something reliable, easier drinking, with plenty of flavour.



At 4%, the Season Ale has the lowest ABV of the canned range, pitching itself as a beer for all seasons, and something fairly sessionable. Here’s what La Sirène have to say about it: “Our Season Ale is an all year round ale designed for pure refreshment whether your are heading off to Golden Plains (music festival), a weekend BBQ, hosting a dinner or just at home with take-in or a cheese platter”.



So, how does the Season Ale compare to the other two beers in the range? Well, it’s a much lighter beer, in colour and flavour, trading the more pronounced funk, floral and citrus notes of the Urban Pale, for a subtler flavour profile. Putting my own preferences aside, I’d describe it as a more approachable beer than that its brightly coloured siblings. I can see this beer being great for people who are new to craft, and drinkers looking for an alternative to bitter IPAs or complex saisons. You could be forgiven for thinking this was meant to be called “Session Ale”.

I can’t help but feel this will go down well with your everyman/everywoman Aussie, who might have grown up with those lighter, mid-strength beers, that are perfect for the stinking hot summers down here. The main difference is that this actually has flavour, compared to the majority of its macro counterparts. Wearing “Crisp • Bright • Refreshing” on its sleeve (well, label), it ticks all those boxes, so here’s hoping those words might persuade a different audience to pick it up.



As the brewery says, this a beer you can enjoy anywhere, anytime of the year. For me, it’s something I might take along to dinner at a mate’s, knowing they’d find the orangey, sour kiss of the Citray Sour too much. It’s also beer I feel like I could offer my father-in-law, in place of his beloved XXXX Gold, without too much fear of him saying “It tastes like dead flowers”.

And all that said, this is still, very much, a La Sirène beer, with those house yeasts. It’s just a more delicate approach for the farmhouse maestros.

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