An illustration of a beer can.


An illustration of a beer can.


Ok, so a couple of week’s back I posted Part 1 of my Good Beer Week picks, and then I lied saying Part 2 would follow that weekend. And it didn’t. But it’s here now, on Good Beer Week eve!  So, if you’ve not already got your schedule sorted for the next 10 days, here’s a helping hand. From free events, to those that require you to part with a little cash, I’ve got you, fam!


IPAppreciation (Free entry) – Week-long • Hopheads, Altona & Point Cook

I’m a big fan of Hopheads bar and bottleshop in Altona, and their weeklong  IPAppreciation event goes to show that it’s not just the city and inner suburbs that get the best events. This is a true celebration of the beloved IPA, and hop forward beers. Also, the line-up of beers is fucking RIDICULOUS! From overseas, there’s Alvarado Street, Toppling Goliath, Offshoot Beer Co and Bearded Iris. I mean, that alone is an unreal list of breweries for an Australian taplist. Then you’ve got Aussie talent like Tallboy & Moose, Mr. Banks, Prancing Pony and Boatrocker bringing some cracking beers. Seriously, look at this list?!


Insane in the Yeast Strain (Free entry) – Friday 17th May • Tallboy and Moose, Preston

Firstly, props for a Cypress Hill pun. This event is one for those of us who want to find out, through the joy of drinking beer, how different yeast strains can change the profiles and flavour of a beer. Sure, it’s a little nerdy, but it’s also super interesting. Tallboy and Moose gave local home brew club, Merri Mashers, some wort. Bluestone Yeast then threw in 7 different yeast strains from their “bio-bank”. The result is 7 different beers, showcasing the variety of those strains. 16 year old me would never have guessed that 35 year old me would be this excited about yeast.


Holes ‘n’ Hoops ($110) – Friday 17th, 12:30pm • Albert Park Golf Course

There’s a point towards the end of Good Beer Week where you might need to take a break from the bars and taprooms. Might I recommend getting some fresh air, and teeing off with Modus Operandi at Albert Park Golf Course? At each hole you’ll get a Modus beer, so you can blame the fact that you’re always in the bunker on that! Grub provided, and a 50L keg is up for grabs. Bring your best Happy Gilmore game to the green!


Bad Love’s Brewery Bake Off! ($60) – Saturday 11th, 6pm • Bad Love Club, Footscray

Bad Love Club’s baked goods are not only some of the best sweet things I’ve eaten in Melbourne, but rival the best the world can offer. Their steak pie is also the stuff of legend. This year, 3 Ravens and CoConspirator’s face each other in a bake off! Not only do you get to experience some of the best grub in Melbourne, you get to sample some beers from a couple of our best local breweries. A curated menu of sweet and savoury treats is paired with 2 beers from each brewery, so you don’t have to worry about drinking on an empty stomach. Paul Hollywood is loosening his leather trousers at the very thought of this event. Tuck in!


A final word…

There’s a tonne to do over the next 10 days, but I think it’s worth remembering to look after yourself and your mates. Don’t feel like you need to overdo it, because FOMO is dumb. Make the most of speaking to brewers that have travelled from afar, be kind to bar staff throughout the week, ask someone propping up the bar alone “What are you drinking?”. Take it easy, enjoy yourself, and soak up the atmosphere! Because if you go hard this weekend, and every other day, GABs is going to be a rough slog!

I’ll be knocking around most of the week, so if you see me, give me a friendly nudge. I mostly hate talking to people, but I love talking about beer. If you hate people and like beer too, we’ll probably get along. Cheers!