An illustration of a blobfish, drinking a beer.


Illustration of a blobfish drinking a beer.


This is a pretty cool post to be writing, as not only do I get to announce an awesome new Australian beer festival, but I get to show off the design work I’ve been doing for it (shamelessly). Blobfish is a beer festival celebrating all things sour, funky and wild. As far as beer festivals go, this is my idea of heaven.

“Join us for Australia’s first beer festival dedicated to these unique beers. Like the blobfish, they emerge from the depths of the beer scene – intriguing, slightly obscure, somewhat unknown but always exciting.”

Currently, there are 16 Australian breweries attending, with a handful of international breweries expected to be in attendance too. And, so far, it’s lip puckeringly good line-up…

• Site Fermentation Project
• Wildflower
• Ocho Beer
• Bridge Road Brewers
• The Barrel Farm by Blackman’s
• Molly Rose
• Fathom by Green Beacon
• Future Mountain
• Sailors Grave
• 3 Ravens
• Dollar Bill Brewing
• Beer Farm
• Van Dieman
• Garage Project (NZ)
• 8 Wired Brewing (NZ)

Farmhouse styles and sours beer, in all their varieties, have become more and more popular, so it’s great to see a festival appear that puts all its focus on that. It’s a great opportunity to show off these unique styles of beer that Aussie brewers are doing great things with. This festival is also the perfect opportunity to show your wine-loving mate that beer can be “sophisticated”, and not just an overly hoppy, juicy mess. There’ll even be premium (fancy, huh?!) cheese to pair with your drink!

The festival takes place on August 24th, at North Melbourne’s Meat Market, across 2 sessions. You can get some grub from a special festival restaurant and oyster bar, as well the previously mentioned cheese.

For more information and tickets, head over to the festival’s Eventbrite page.

For all the latest news on the festival, make sure to follow them on the usual social channels:

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