At the start of the year, out of creative boredom, I began working on some new craft beer inspired illustrations. What initially just started as some loose ideas and sketches quickly turned into “These might look good on shirts…” and now I have a room full of 200 t-shirts, so that escalated pretty quickly.



For the best part, I think beer related apparel is awful. I’m not talking about shirts put out by breweries, because craft branding is at another level these days, with many breweries putting out great merch. However, type ‘beer shirts’ into Google’s image search, and you’re met with a wall of tacky slogans, juxtaposed with shitty clip art graphics, and a focus generally put on drinking excessively, being drunk or hungover.



I’d like to think these designs can fill a void for those of us that might want to wear a “tasteful” beer related shirt, on those days where our favourite brewery tees (and band tees for the music lovers) are in the wash, but you still feel a need to promote the fact that you’re all about hops, stout or juicy IPAs… like anyone actually cares, you big, beer loving loser!



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